One Sunday Morning…

On Sunday morning, I took a walk at a local mall here in my town.  There I met two people – two friends, to be exact.

I was coming down from a digital shop where I met a friend.  We greeted “Peace be with you”, and I responded the same.  I asked her “How are you now?” and she said “I’m in a healing process…” we talked a little while and I had to rush down because my mother was waiting for me downstairs.  She lost her husband few weeks ago and is still grieving, but with the support of fellow legionaries and friends, she remained strong.

As I reached the ground floor of the mall, I met another friend, my ex-classmate.  Now, she is working at a local university.  She said “I’m getting married next Sunday…please do attend my wedding day,”.  We talked a little while and we left.


How Do You Face A Friend

How could you face a friend?
That despite the childhood that we spent,
The memories that we shared,
We are strangers today.

How is it possible for us to meet each other in the eye?
Only what comes between us is shy.
There was no smile.
Is it a way that we wave our friendship goodbye?

How can I face you my friend?
When the last thing I want to do is judge,
But stand for what is just,
I guess the hardest thing to do right now is trust.

Many pictures I took,
Those of the accused,
But of the one that is you,
No, that I could not do.

That is what we do,
For it is better than pretending not to look.
For how do you face a friend?
Whose life had become a mess,
All that left was the hope to mend,
But, how could I be so judging?
Many friends you had lost,
You might be miserable,
You might be stressed,
You might be trying,
You might be crying,
For you, I’ll be praying.

Letters, The Personal Touch

Writing letters used to be one of my favourite things to do growing up.  I cannot say that I did it during my past time, but I do remember I used to write letters almost everyday.  To who?  My pen pal of course.  That was probably about 12 or 13 years ago.  Most of you, if not all, had at least one.  Some of you might still have it.

I cannot say that letters are words truly from your heart, maybe 50 per cent, and another 50 per cent was from your head.  That was my case.  No structure, no draft, no planning; just words that came out from you.  I have to admit, I was a very bad writer.  My sisters could write a lot better than me.  That’s the truth.  Funny, it all did not matter at that time.  Despite being a very bad writer, I kept writing anyways.

Sure, I always start with apologies.  ‘Sorry, my English is not very good, hope you don’t mind’, and ‘p/s: Sorry for my bad English.’  Nevertheless, no one has to be a good writer to write a letter isn’t it? There is simply no good or bad in letters.  And for sure, whatever you write, your ‘reader’ will connect to what you want to say or convey, and some even could feel your emotion.  Such are the great things about letters.

As I said, I certainly was not a good writer, but I could write up to three pages long.  I was amazed myself.  Maybe 80 per cent of the contains were bunch of crap, but still, they were good stuff.  The person on the other side will still read it, and anticipating for more letters.  At least in my case, I remember everyday, I kept hoping that Mr Postman would stop at my house to drop a letter or two just for me.  Nothing beats the thrill of receiving letters from pen pals; from friends outside the country, thousands of miles away from you.

I don’t do that nowadays, but I’ve been thinking about it.  I actually attempted to do it again since last December.  I wrote a letter to my friend, my ex-roommate back in the University to be exact.  It is a shameful thing to say that, that letter is still in my bedroom; somewhere on the table, probably covering in dust.  It all started when she sent me a card last Christmas, and I told her I should write to her one day.  I wrote, at least I kept my promise, but never got in the mail.  I’m still hoping that I would mail that letter.  Not sure what got in a way?

But, what is it about letters that gave me such thrill?  I believe it is something, which I called it ‘personal touch’ of the person writing to you.  What is she going to talk about?  And when you finished reading the letter, you just need to take out your pad and reply.  The person is not there, but letters are enough to feel the present.

It is a different feeling when receiving emails.  Sure, sudden emails from old friends will surprise me, but the anticipation will not be the same.  So why letters are so special?


I’m stuck! This is the time where I really in dire need of inspiration/creativity/ideas; whatever you call it.  What would I do now?  I was so enthusiastic and positive  for the past months, and that was it?  I sought for it  in many places…ways to get going; to get inspired again.

I had so many ideas, so many I wanted to share, all in my head.  But I’m not writing!  I have to write, I need to…I should WRITE!  I felt obliged to update my blog.  Unfortunately, nothing came out…until TODAY.

This is not the Top 10  list or whatever inspiring list you’ll find in the internet.  No.  What led me into writing this post because I got inspired, I guess.  This post is probably one of the most important posts I’ve written because it felt like the first time again.  Hoping that someone out there might read it.

So, how I got inspired?  Here are my lists.

  1. Starting to believe.  If I could start writing my first post, then I could continue it.    The only thing that got in my way was my frustration.  Once I passed that frustration, inspiration would come.
  2. Dig it.  I looked through many resources; blogs, news, stories, anything, and even my surroundings.  Inspiration does not always come straight away, ideas would not pop up like magic, but I could do with the information I acquired.  The well is not totally dry.
  3. Tried something new.  Okay, I tried vlogging,  it came to nothing, sadly.  I thought it would be cool to get in front of the camera and talk.  I done it before, it was really fun, but then, I deleted the account.    I should not have done that. L How it helped me to get started?  Easy, I realized that there were so many things that I wanted to shared, but I could not express them orally, than in paper.
  4. Revisit my past posts..  It really amazed me how I got this far.  That alone really inspired me to go on.
  5. Do it now.  Procrastination is just an excuse.  I could say that I was very busy lately, or I went traveling, or I was sick.  Those were in fact, the truth.  But I have to admit that the TRUTH is also that I was procrastinating.  Every night, if I was not doing my work, I looked at my Facebook page, although there was absolutely nothing to see there, or I just watched videos in Youtube. The reason why I could not start again because I didn’t.  I believe attitude is very important, not just in writing but in everything we do.
  6. My goals.  Why I started this in the first place?  For fun or I want people to really read my materials and getting feedback?  I believe it is the latter.
  7. It is all about sharing.  One of the reasons I started blogging is because I wanted to share.  I am a very open person, but starting a blog is a huge deal for me.  It is as if I am coming out from my comfort zone by allowing people to read my raw materials.  But I know one thing is for sure, I’m allowing people to get to know me through my writing and stories and my photography. 

There you go, the seven things that got me started again.

Yoga – Better Body Shape and Health

In my previous post, I talked about my passion of getting healthier and fitter body.  How working out has become something I really needed to do at least five days a week, if not everyday.  I also talked about how weight training and nutritious drink such as protein shake, helped me to gain muscle weight and lose some of the stomach fat, which I tried to get rid of for years.  It all takes a step to become part of my life and the result – I feel stronger, happier, energetic, and younger, day after day.


The decision led to the curiosity to try new and different things.  Things that could really test the stamina and the strength of my own body.  For the first time, I could run for about 45 minutes (including 2 minutes warming up walk, 2-3 minutes walk at the middle to catch my breath, and  five minutes cooling down walk in the end).  However, I do run faster on the treadmill, and run longer time when on the road.  I thought…there, I have a pretty good stamina.  I was wrong.  Aerobic session was a real test.  And just a few weeks ago, I started attending yoga classes.  We all know that there are many styles of yoga, and typically, they combined with physical posture, breathing technique, and meditation or relaxation.


The particular yoga classes I attended focuses on posture and breathing exercises.  Because I have a very bad body posture, that is the kind of yoga I needed.  I tried to stand up straight and sit as straight as possible most of the time to improve my body posture for years.  The effort gave too much stress to some parts of my body that I stopped all together.  Yoga not only improved my body posture, it helped to shape the body I wanted.  That, in effect, boosted my confidence on how I look and mentally, I’m more alert in my work, and calmer emotionally.  It also helped to strengthen my core muscles. (all that exercises I did also contributed to my better looking body posture.)


I’m the kind of person who always love exercises that could get me pumped up and the adrenaline going.  I always thought all that slow moving and stretching exercising would be too easy for me, judging by the size of my body.  Yoga has never been my favourite, and I never see it as an exercise that I could take up one day.  Apparently, I judged too fast, and I was very wrong.  I took up the exercise, and it turned out to be another level of physical fitness.  Forty-five minutes run could never beat the power of Yoga.  It wasn’t just the grasping for air, the sweats, and the exhaustion that followed, but the result from all that.


Surely, my body was wrecked on the first day.  The flexibility still wasn’t at the satisfying level.  However, the result was incredible.  Just like most people, my life consists of people, listening, traveling, the noise, etc.  You’d never get time for yourself.  Here, all the participants were referred as students.  And we were told to put all the anxiety, the stress, and the worries outside the class.  There was nothing but your whole being.  I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I LOVE YOGA.


Healthier Fitter and Better Body

I started going to gym about a year and half ago.  Since then, I was very passionate about getting healthier and getting fitter – body, mind, and soul.  I never struggle with my weight, but I have been trying to gain some weight since I was still in school.  I was very skinny.  I weighed only 39kg back then.  But, I was happy by the way, I didn’t have problem with my health.  However, I didn’t like people to tell me that I am too thin, I still don’t.  I wasn’t just skinny, I only stand about 5 feet tall, that makes me tiny, even today.  Finding clothes was a bit difficult.

I love sports, I joined tennis when I was 13 and I was…I’m not trying to boast here, but I was one of the best female tennis players in my town, despite my size.  Too bad, I never pursue that.  I stopped playing when I was 16 ( I think so..can’t remember).  Reason? Examination…my study.  I still played with friends, once in a while, not that often anymore.  At age 18, I joined the beginner basic coaching course.  So, basically, I am a certified tennis coach for beginners.  I stopped playing when I entered University in 2006.  I was 20.  Well, not all together stopped.  I was in my second year in University, and one of my seniors found that I could play tennis, asked me to represent his team for competition.  That only lasted for about a year.  By the time I left University in 2009, I weighed 42kg.  That was my ideal weight, some people told me.

I gained 3kgs of weight over the three years in University.  Three kilogrammes of FAT! How do I know it? My belly.  I did not not look as skinny as I was in school, but people still look at me, and asked me to put on more weight.  I had a very bad body posture.  I think it is common with those underweight people.  When I got my first job immediately after graduation; it was the beginning of my inactive lifestyle.  I stopped exercising altogether, and the effect of that started to show about a year and a half later.  I had bad constipation problem, I would catch flu once every few months, and I was just tired everyday.  I even had digestive problems, which badly affected my appetite.  I did not enjoy eating anymore, because I wanted to throw up if I ate too much, constipation made it worst.

I was 25, and that was when I realized, I needed to do something and so, I started going to gym, with my mom.  Unlike me, mom struggles with her weight.  She lost 8kgs of weight in two weeks, since started gym and her health improved tremendously.  Her diabetic level went down to almost normal; her high blood pressure also went down to normal. However, she stopped going to gym for almost eight months, because she had to take care of grandma.  She had to start from square one.  I am glad she started to lose weight again, today.  I am happy to see her smiles when she started to wear her old clothes again, clothes that once too small for her.

As for me, my health improved too.  My constipation problem gone, I had my appetite and energy back.  I even sleep better.  About a year or so, I actually lost three kilogramme.  I was back to 39kg.  Probably I did too much cardio exercises, and I decided to do some weight training as well.  I also started to explore the importance of nutritious product, and taken some organic oatmilk and organic protein since then.  With the weight training and the nutritious product I took, I gained 2kg in a few months, and I believe it was the muscle weight.  The last time I stood on the weighing scale was the first week of 2013 during my second body analysis.  I weighed 41.3kg – muscle weight.  The first body analysis was in December 2012.  Comparing the two – I actually gained muscle weight, my body fat went down, I went from underexercised to thin.  My metabolism rate went up from 17-year-old to 16-year-old.

My bones density has improved as well, thanks to the muscle mass I gained.  My point is, I’m not showing off, but I am happier, stronger, and younger.  I don’t get sick very often now.  I’m turning 27 this year, the big 30 is coming, and I realized looking and feeling younger is important.  I got rid of some of that flabby stomach I’ve tried to get rid for years.  For the year 2013, I hoped to do better in my health and to see mom lose all those weights and get healthier.  Mom and I started to take our protein shakes few mornings in a week.  Thinking about it, all it takes is a start.  Mom and I had been talking about going to gym a few years back.  But, we never start, until some health problem I experienced.  We were lazy at first, but today, it has become our routine.  Mom stopped going to gym in a while though, but she does her workout at home.  I, on the other hand, has busy working schedule, but I slot in time, whenever I can for workout.  Once an effort is not an effort anymore.  Getting a healthier and fitter me has become a part of me.  It can be part of yours too, if you start now.  You’ll be amazed by the changes.

(I started yoga recently, will post that soon.  So, this will be my last entry as I would be away for five days.  As I pledged (to myself of course) to be more active this year, and I want to keep you entertained, new entry will be up as soon as I’m back from traveling).

Frames From The Phone

My smartphone has been such a great tool for me in photography.  Whenever my DSLR camera is not with me, the 8 megapixels camera from my phone has been a great help.  I usually take them for fun.  These are some of them.  Colour wise, they are not good, so I have to do some editing before putting these up.

2012-07-14 14.07.09I was waiting for my mom at a pot factory, I guess that’s what it calls. I got so bored of waiting I started to take pictures from my phone.  Not supposed to do that, but I did it anyways.  I was sneaky really.

2012-08-23 20.28.35This was taken at the entrance of the International dance festival a few months ago.  It was a concert by the way, and I got a free entry.

2012-08-23 21.24.40This was taken during the curtain call of the International Dance Festival.

2012-09-14 11.45.42I don’t know how to describe this.  The butterfly has a very unique pattern.

2012-09-16 20.25.08This was taken during the 2012 Lantern Festival.  I don’t  know what it calls, but it is some kind of candy.

2012-09-16 21.36.20Lamb spaghetti I think.  The flavour was okay, but it was too expensive.

2012-10-14 11.31.25I found this very unique though.  I just love the beautiful colours.

2012-10-15 13.13.22Can you see the bird?

2012-10-23 16.45.17 The momma guppy gave birth to more than 30 fry.

2012-10-27 11.09.29I sent my car to have the air-conditioner fixed.  The mechanic shop was very messy.

2012-12-04 12.21.49Took this at a cafe during Christmas season.

2012-12-04 12.30.41We call this ‘Mee Mamak’

2012-12-16 10.30.25Lots of pineapple.