Dear Father

Dear father,

On this fathers’ day

I have a poem to figure,

I hope it would brighten your Sunday.

Oh, this mission makes my heart aflutter,

For I never write poetry in my life,

But I figured if I could learn to be a writer,

I should be able to come out with a few lines.

Dear father,

It is not going to be perfect,

This work of amateur

So don’t pay attention to what is lack.

Father, you took the bitter pill,

You gave me the sweet one,

You gave me the freewill,

To decide what I want as a person.

Dear father,

I think it is utterly pathetic,

That for 26 years as your daughter,

I don’t know what you fancied.

Is there something you like?

Something I could buy for you?

Something could make you excite.

Sorry, I haven’t got a clue.

Dear father,

When your children were still eight or nine,

On motorcycle, you ride through weathers,

To get us to school on time.

Those were memories worth remembering,

I will tell my friends how proud I am,

Hoping I wasn’t boasting,

Cause that would be lame.

Dear father,

You have your own characters and I have mine,

Does it matters?

Now I can’t find something that rhyme.

You are a tough man,

Once I saw you cry,

But you wipe it away,

Yes, I saw you wipe it dry.

Dear father,

Am I bad?

Cause sometimes I feel as such,

Sorry if I ever made you sad.

I remember you scolded me once,

I was doing my homework until three in the morning,

You took the papers on the table in an instant,

You threw them on the wooden flooring.

Dear father,

You always have opinions on everything,

But not always the answers,

You know, I just have to deal with it.

Nobody is perfect,

That’s why I love you,

But I could only express them in papers,

Why? It’s just weird.


Happy Fathers’ Day,

I will love you forever,

You are the best dad I have.