The World Is A Love Story

The world is a love story,

All things came to existence because love came,

Not complicated nor an unresolved mystery,

There is the lover, the beloved and the love they shared.

Love is where two souls meet,

The world stopped with a spark leading to nervousness and wonder,

Two people take on the centre stage, dancing on their feet,

The first day for the rest of their lives to be remembered.

And so it begins; the start of the three-act play,

Men to be heroes, women their strength,

No more me or I, but we on each passing day,

Walking together on the road unknown ahead.

Indeed, the heart will be tested along the way,

Lost as soon as the storm came out in the dark night,

Will two souls hang on to be committed and obey?

To make sure no love run dry.

One thing is for certain,

One could never go wrong with a total gift of self,

Both dying to themselves for the other person,

A value that seems lost in this generation.

Yes, there is indeed a love so strong,

Love that surpasses every description that world gives,

That always succumbs to its limitation and are lost,

A love that promised a sure victory.

It is always a love story in every written script,

Why throw it away? let it journey on,

Let love blooms and grow,

Yours are part of the greatest story ever lived.

Heavenly Roses

Oh heavenly roses filled with beauty and majestic splendor,

Forever fresh, they never wilt or die,

Its fragrance never fades; it fills into our lives,

Oh! The rose of all devotion – what a priceless treasure.

They art formed, indeed by a very simple greeting,

And yet, it is the most beautiful greeting of all,

Came down from heaven that makes all evil tremble and fall,

For thy Psalter is the direct work of the Most Blessed Trinity.

And so, with Rosary in my hand, I kneel down and I say,

Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee,

To thee with earnest and devotion of this angelic salutation I greet,

I made little wreath with each decade.

O! How the court of heaven rejoices,

Angels dancing, collecting, counting each rose as they saw them coming,

How happy is the soul, how truly blessed with all the graces gained indeed,

Joining the angels with hymns of praises.

Funny, it is so different now from last time,

Still the same old beads, still praying the same way,

So much heavier then, much lighter today,

Though there is hardly a way to tame a wild mind.

For now, I know that it is a prayer brought from heaven above,

Came down to water the the garden of my soul,

O! A beautiful hymn beautifully sang rewards us a hundredfold,

Rewards that can change the world forever.

How could I refused thee now in such realization?

How could I take my eyes off to such beauty beyond compare?

My lady, such a perfection thou were made,

Indeed blessed art thou amongst women!

And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus!

Jesus! The word thou kept became word incarnate,

Became man to save us from death,

Restoring our true image and gave us life eternal.

Pray for us, my most beautiful and loving mother,

Thy children is calling, thou can lead us to God,

We fly to thee, for to seek Jesus, thy son, is our goal,

Thou art the mother of mercy and the Queen of Heaven.

The Sea

The ship rocked in the middle of the sea,

Where was I outside this darkness, I wondered,

The waves I heard, the wind I felt, the horizon I could not see,

Again, where was I outside this darkness, I wondered.

Under the starry night, the waves was at its best,

A calm lullaby for a peaceful sleep,

The chilling wind blew gently through the deck,

There was no danger no fear no worries.

The captain told me a story,

Going to the sea had been his living,

A living he made for years,

Not one day he ever stops praying.

He knew the danger ahead,

He had hoped he won’t live to experience it,

But one night his nightmare began,

On his dear life and hope he kept on clinging.

The rain poured and the waves were unusually strong,

On a rocking ship, he held on tight,

He pulled up his anchor ready to go,

He knew it would be tough ride.

‘I thought it was my last journey,’

He shivered with the thoughts,

‘The storm was so strong, I panicked,’

Something he had never experience before.

‘The water smashed the window, the water kept coming in.’

A scary thought he was trying to fight,

He would make it, he wouldn’t give in,

Two ships were trying to get to a safe place,

It was his longest ride ever.

But he kept his job anyways,

He had a ship and he wouldn’t trade it for others,

Be a captain every night every day,

In a ship, he is everyone’s brother.

I slept peacefully that night,

But I prayed to God in heaven,

To lead the captain under this twilight,

And for strength, for protection, for safe return.

How Could I Forget

How could I forget?

That I am a creature of so much need,

And my soul needs feeding.

Oh, how could I forget?

The opportune time for recapturing,

The space to build the gift of humanity,

And the time for remembering.

Have I forgotten of my own duty?

It is a day not to be a routine,

But a day of divine loving and wondering.

Have I forgotten all about it?

For if, it became a day of a same old routine,

It will never become a day of opportunity,

An opportunity that is life changing

Teach Me To Love

I could never describe your love for me,

For many years I had been searching,

For my life to have meaning,

And you became my very being.

How could I not known?

For a love that goes so strong,

The love forever I long,

I found that in you alone.

The breath of life you gave,

And you showed me who I am,

The sins of man you forgave,

And bring new life despite my fallen state.

Oh, how dangerous is the crime,

To ever fall into my own pride,

To have eyes but blind,

To have ears but deaf to cries.

What would become of me?

If my heart is shutting,

And there is no place for mercy,

What a shame, cause I would be nothing.

Then teach me to love,

Teach me to be humble,

Save me from my own wretchedness,

Forgive my unworthiness.

If to see you is to love others,

Help me to rise above my human weakness,

Make the passing of my every moment,

Be my answer to your call to love the unlovable.

Your love forever will stay,

Your love will I embrace,

My life will never be the same,

Everyday will be a brand new day.

By knowing you, I could love you,

My love for you grew because I understood,

You showed me love and your truth,

In you, I found my refuge.

How could I stop searching?

How could I stop loving?

With your spirit guiding,

I continue to search the depths within.

For who I am, if I am not yours?

Despite of this poor soul,

It belongs to you, that I know,

The bond you created that gave me hope.

Lost In The Wilderness

A man got lost in the wilderness,

Trapped in the eerie of silences,

He walked the trail that seemed to be endless,

And he himself defenseless.

Among the trees and watching prey,

There behind the leaves he laid,

Clutched his hand together he prayed,

That he would see the light of day.

The black of night soon met dawn,

The light of day again he saw,

A hope he still holding on,

Though it seemed forlorn.

A family he did not want to leave,

An action he would grieve,

But hope he still believe,

Though it might looked a little dim.

Adventure took in a wrong turn,

An experience he regretted is learned,

And now he had a greatest concern,

That one day he shall return.

The wind gushed forth,

Wishing he had a compass north,

In this wood he would walk out of,

To the arms of the one he loved.

There was a power within,

He would not easily give in,

For there was air he was still breathing

God indeed is forgiving.

Enemies told him there was no hope to spare,

He trusted in his heart he would not despair,

Despite being wear and tear,

Wondering around in this dangerous lair.

He reached a higher ground,

The sticks he picked he gathered round,

He knew he would be found,

Just then he could hear a sound.

The smoke went up in the sky,

The chopper was soaring high,

He looked up and he cried,

God be praised and he said the wilderness goodbye.

How Do You Face A Friend

How could you face a friend?
That despite the childhood that we spent,
The memories that we shared,
We are strangers today.

How is it possible for us to meet each other in the eye?
Only what comes between us is shy.
There was no smile.
Is it a way that we wave our friendship goodbye?

How can I face you my friend?
When the last thing I want to do is judge,
But stand for what is just,
I guess the hardest thing to do right now is trust.

Many pictures I took,
Those of the accused,
But of the one that is you,
No, that I could not do.

That is what we do,
For it is better than pretending not to look.
For how do you face a friend?
Whose life had become a mess,
All that left was the hope to mend,
But, how could I be so judging?
Many friends you had lost,
You might be miserable,
You might be stressed,
You might be trying,
You might be crying,
For you, I’ll be praying.