Oh Kites…

I’ve always wonder why the sky? Sky? What are you chasing? Every evening I walk Trojan, and every day I heard them say ‘There it is..there…there…come on let’s go.’ And off they went. Sometimes I saw a man, probably in his 50s, with two children on his motorcycle, doing the same thing. It was funny … Continue reading Oh Kites…

Car And Attitude

Dad hit my car this morning. I was reversing my car, to give way to his car to get to the road. My car was behind him. I was at the 'bridge' (connect my house compound to the road) when i stopped because a car was coming. Dad was still moving in front, thought he … Continue reading Car And Attitude

Called To Be Extra-Ordinary (Part 2: Living In Faith)

That moment changed my life.  My ordinary life began to feel different.  It began to feel meaningful and surprisingly special.  Faith made me understand that everyone is somebody; that everyone is called to be great; that God has given everyone abilities.  Putting your God-given talents to work is one of the most satisfying things you … Continue reading Called To Be Extra-Ordinary (Part 2: Living In Faith)

Yoga – Better Body Shape and Health

In my previous post, I talked about my passion of getting healthier and fitter body.  How working out has become something I really needed to do at least five days a week, if not everyday.  I also talked about how weight training and nutritious drink such as protein shake, helped me to gain muscle weight … Continue reading Yoga – Better Body Shape and Health