Photos of the day

Just some simple pictures I took during a recent trip.  Click to enlarge.


Message From The Chocolate

I love chocolate.  When it comes to chocolate, I just can’t resist the temptation.  Recently, I was having a bad cough, due to the hot weather and I drank too little water.  I was actually recovering.  My dad bought this Dove chocolate recently.  And it was caramel milk chocolate.  Oh yummy… Because I was having a bad cough, I had second thoughts.  If it was dark chocolate, I’ll just take it, I wouldn’t care if i’m sick or not sick, dark chocolate would be my ‘drug’.

Okay, back to the Dove Caramel Milk Chocolate I was talking about.  What makes the chocolate interesting is that every piece you take, there is  a message inside.  Everyone was eating them, except for my mom.  My brother and my dad read every message from the chocolate they took.  I decided to take one.  Just one and that’s it.  So, yes, I took one from the fridge, opened it, took a bite.  It was so good!!  Then I turned to the message and read:

Surely, not the best time to receive this message.  I liked it and now,  I want more.  I already took the first one, it won’t hurt to give in the temptation one more time.  So, I took the second chocolate.  It says:

Reading this, I felt very optimistic.  I wasn’t happy a few days before.  Honestly, I was depressed.  In fact, I was depressed for the past few months already.  I feel I do not have a life.  Well, I don’t feel like discussing it here.  I just hope that everything that I am feeling right now would go away.  Looking at that message, I smiled.  I liked it very much.  This time, I was craving for the third chocolate.  Plus the curiosity made me want to open another one.

I had a bad cough, in case you forgot.  Chocolate would make it worse.  So I thought, should I get another one? I knew I was going to regret it, but I took the third chocolate anyways.  The message was:

What?!? It told me to unwrap.  I felt like taking another one from the fridge, but didn’t.  I knew I was going to regret it if I take another one.  Three chocolates would do no good to my throat already, the fourth one would certainly make it worse.  I did feel a little bit of guilt there, but…well..I already done it, what the heck.  I didn’t want to wake up the next day without a voice.  I finally stopped.  But my cough got worse, luckily I still have my voice the next day.  If I wasn’t down with the cough, I would take probably five or six pieces.  If it was dark chocolate, I’d take more.

It felt so good that I took another three pieces the next evening.

I like the first two messages:

Okay, the next message wasn’t from my chocolate.  My brother got it and I like it.  So ENJOY!