Learning Cursive

In case you don’t know what I am writing, below is the transcript:

I like to write in cursive handwriting. I have been practising ever since I learned cursive in primary school. My teacher used to complain about my lousy writing. It wasn’t cursive. It was just chicken scratch, and I got so fed up with my terrible handwriting and people complaining. People said handwritings could tell your personality. They could know that I am a very messy person just by looking at my writing. It required no study; just a peep of my handwriting they could quickly diagnose messiness in me.

Well, they were right. I am a very messy person. I couldn’t keep my bedroom clean. So, what if I changed my handwriting? Will my personality change too? Will I become a less messy person? I decided to give it a try. I tried many handwritings, though, but none was pretty. I figured if I ‘copy’ my friend’s handwriting, it would solve all the problem. None of that works. I mean, it improved, but I hated them.

So, I decided to try cursive instead. I got some basic rules, well frankly, I am not sure if they were rules, but, I knew some basic. I have to say; cursive is a lot of work. I practised every day. My father writes in cursive. His looks neat compared to mine. Even after years of learning cursive, they still look like chicken scratch. However, I love it. So, who cares?

Honestly speaking, I got some pride in me when people found it unique that I have such artsy handwriting. So, I consider this as a form of art; not calligraphy, but a form of art. Dad’s cursive looks neat, but mine was artsy. I like that. Did it change my personality? Yes, I think there was a slight change.  Have I become a less messy person? No, I remain the same. I guess this is still chicken scratch. My learning never ends.

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