Old Things, New Way

It is the new year. However, sometimes, it is good to go back to the past and start from there again. When was the last time you started a project, and you felt so excited and passionate and enthusiastic about it? And then, you set a goal and your mission of starting the project.

Can you remember that first time? Where were you when made that decision? For me, I remember that first day, or rather, night, when I started this blog. I was upset, but I was determined to make it work.

No, I did not start with the right emotion, but yes, I started with the right spirit. I was upset with what was happening in the family. I typed everything away, putting all my thoughts and emotions into the blank Microsoft Word. At the same time, trying to be creative with my writing.

I remember feeling terrified when I decided to click that ‘Publish’ button. The world is going to read my terrible writing. I was still struggling back then, and I am still awful now. However, now I understand the value of learning. I clicked it anyway. That was the start of this blog. From then on, it every day I asked myself ‘What am I going to write tonight?’ By, the way, I only have night time to write my blog. It was my commitment, and it will be my commitment today.

Every day was just like an exploration. That joy of discovering something new about life kept me my spirit high every day. Somehow, along the way. I decided to slow down a little bit. No reason whatsoever. I guess my enthusiasm was fading. Slowly it became idle.

My spiritual director once said; it is sometimes good to back to the past. That way, we can look at old things in a new way. Why Jesus asked His disciples to meet him at Galilee after His resurrection? It was because that was the first meeting point. It was the first commission. So, as I look back to the time why I started this blog, yes, it was the first time I started, and I will continue to do it. Looking at old things in a new way will bring so much joy and definitely bring back that excitement back. The sort of childhood spirit that is always joyful and ready to explore will always be there.

So, when you feel dry in spirit. Do not let it run completely dry. You may be doing the same old things every day. Look at it in a new way and find joy and excitement that you used to have or longed for. Life is, after all, is an adventure. If you stop exploring, then there is nothing else to see and experience.

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