Everything is Going to be Okay

Jenny was lying on the hospital bed, paralyzed and depressed. Somehow glad that she got the room all for herself, at the very end of the hall. It was tranquil and sometimes too quiet, not to the liking of Jenny. It terrified her, especially when night came. Occasionally, the nurse would come in to feed her.

The room smell of stool. As much as Jenny hated that smell, it came from her. There was nothing she could do about it. Nurses would come once a day to clean her up, briefly, and that was about it. Not enough to remove that stench that filled the room.

Jenny missed her family. She lost them five years ago when her father demanded that the ties between her and her family be broken completely.  Her, being around brought too much trouble to the family.  The family thought she was a shame. She made a mistake that she did not even know whether it was her fault. She wasn’t sure of anything now. It could be her fault, after all. For all she knew, she had been humiliated and ridiculed by the public. She was angry with her family for not stand by her. At the time when she needed them the most, they betrayed her trust or rather, she betrayed their trust first. That was the very reason the family ties were broken. None of her family members cares about her now.

There at the hospital bed, Jenny cried every day. Everybody hated her now, even nurses.  She had been called a traitor.  They were performing their services because it was their call for duty. Other than that, there was no compassion. What a cruel world. She hated everybody, too for being treated that way.  But, anything than the service that she had been given would consider too much to ask. Besides, she also felt ashamed with her state now. After all, she was once a very active young woman.

It was 6.30pm, the nurse should come in by now to change the dirty diapers and to clean her up. Jenny felt agitated. In fact, she gets agitated quickly now. Sometimes panic would set in.   Where is the nurse?  Jenny started to cry uncontrollably now.   She decided to look at the clock again, and it was 6.47pm. Jenny felt exhausted. Sometimes, she wondered how she could be so tired lying on the bed all day.   Somebody better come in, or she would have another series of a panic attack.

Then, the door opened. Jenny felt relieved. Finally, somebody came.  Everything is going to be okay now, Jenny thought to herself.  She looked at the door, but it wasn’t the nurses.  A woman rushed to her bed and held her hand. It was her mother.  Then, she saw them. Her siblings; Journey, Perry, Kara, Doris and her father. The tears that stopped for a few seconds, there came back, which later turn into a burst of cry. She could not believe her eyes. She was indeed happy.  However, with the smell and her current state, her shame was much stronger than happiness. She wanted them to go away.

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