Last Moment of 2019, More in 2020

As I am writing this now, it is really the final moments before 2020 arrives. To be honest, I had been lazing around on my bed since afternoon, thinking of nothing. I know, it is neither a wise move nor a great way to end 2020. So, here I am typing away in this blog because it feels like the right thing to do right now. And, of course, it is about time. I had been thinking about this a lot lately.

This year, I received at least two devastating news. First, I received news that a former classmate of mine had a stroke and currently in a coma. No one knows when she will start waking up or will she ever wake up at all. There was nothing that the doctor could do. The doctor advised the family to take off life support. ‘If she would wake up, she should be waking up by now’. That was the feedback from the doctor. Her family could only respond ‘We are not giving up on her… she will wake up’. For about six months, they prayed for a miracle. I hope that they will get their miracle, but at the same time, I cannot help but think that the family could be in denial. It could be a false hope.

Secondly, a parishioner from the church that I always attend Mass passed away recently on Boxing Day. He was one of the readers, and he seemed to have disappeared suddenly. The next time I saw him, he looked sick and was walking with a walker. ‘Gosh… what’s wrong with him’. For the next few months, I always see him sitting at the back of the church. On Boxing Day, news came in that he had passed on. He was only 39.

Was 2019 a bad year? I can confidently say, no, it has not been a bad year for me. In fact, it has been a good year. Firstly, I’ve been blessed with a year of good health. I started my morning run, and that felt good. I became president of a club. I went to Medan, Indonesia for the first time, I participated in the public speaking competition, and to end it, I won an award for my article. So, 2019 has been excellent! 

However, hearing that devastating news really got me thinking ‘Gosh… I am taking everything for granted’. What if everything that I am doing right now could be my last? Would that make a difference in my life? This may sound a little absurd, but I think death always teach us about life. 

I confessed to a priest once that I always procrastinate at my work. The priest told me ‘Don’t procrastinate! Time is a gift from God! Maximise it!’ This blog had been idle for quite a while. From now on, it will start getting active again. I will be writing more this time. That is my determination. 

Why? Because what if everything that I am doing could be my last? Would it make a difference in my life? The answer is YES!!! It will undoubtedly make a difference not just my life, probably the lives of those reading my blog. Who knows? It will be wasted if I continue to let my voice be silenced by delaying what I should be doing. 

I started this blog way back in 2012. Since then, it had become a place where I found my own voice and explore my creativity. Most importantly, a place where I document my experiences, my inspiration and feelings through my personal stories and the stories of others. 

So, 2012 is when I started this blog thing, 2020 will the time when I continue where I started. I love storytelling, and I like to be in the business of storytelling. It is like a roadmap to what it means to be living! The lives of other people; the poor, the successful, the broken, the enthusiastic, and so forth are like doors to my own life. When meeting the poor, it is more than just being grateful for what I have and what I can do. When reaching the successful people, it is more than just staying positive or a determination to achieve my goal. When meeting the broken, it is not just about being sympathetic. All of these are about an understanding of life, of being human. 

I hope that those who followed me will continue this journey with me, and those who are reading this will join me in this journey. Let us all make life beautiful! 

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