Annoying Little Things

In life, there are many things we cannot avoid. One of the things is annoyances. When we feel that everything that we had planned is working well, or we feel that things are just falling into place where it should be, we begin to enjoy those moments. Then suddenly something has to happen. Sometimes, we have no choice but to cancel the plan, or make new plans, or maybe we have to make sacrifices that we are not willing to make.

I have many of those experiences. I bet all of us have it too. This is one of them. I like to eat Cocoa Pebbles for breakfast. It is chocolate, delicious, it is simple and it doesn’t require cooking. Because I don’t cook.

I used to have it every morning. And there was this one particular morning, few years ago, I took out my cocoa pebbles in the fridge; and it was the last serving. But, everything was perfect because it was my perfect serving size and I was not going to share for this one. Not for this one, because I didn’t have extra. I got everything ready, I put it on the dining table. I sat down and I took a spoonful, only to realise that I forgot my tea at the kitchen. So, I went to the kitchen, took my tea came back to the table and there, my dog had his two feet up on the table eating my cocoa pebbles. I SAID NO SHARING!

I went to him and he still eating the Cocoa Pebbles, he looked at me with his side eyes ‘NO SHARING INDEED!.. I’M NOT SHARING EITHER!’ That was my last serving and I had to give the whole bowl to him. That same dog ate my homework that very night.

My family used to tell me, your dog is just like you. Hey… I never eat my homework!

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