Heart Stopping Dream

Last night, I had one of those dreams that I literally thought I was going to die.  I honestly didn’t know where I was.  There were some people with me, but I could not remember who they were.  Anyways, so, I was in a middle of maybe jungle, maybe… I do not know.  A place where i need to run fast enough to climb that very steep ‘wooden’ hill.  Ah… I remember, it was like an obstacle course in which i need to pass the obstacles to the next level.  Now, I didn’t know which course was it, but it was definitely a difficult one.  Okay, so, I watched everybody go and I was the last one to go.  I ran as fast as I could.  It was so scary.. oh my gosh!! scary.. it wasn’t just steep… it was 90 degree.  who could ever climb this thing?  It was okay at first, but as I was going higher.. gosh..it was scary.. my legs were shaking, my heart was racing – i was sure whether it was because of the run or I was scared.  I ran, I almost reached the top.  One foot left… and I didn’t make it.  I think I lost my momentum.  I could not reach the top and I was falling, like 20 or 30 feet high?  All I know is, it was really high and there was nothing to hold.  I was terrified, I went ‘oh no.. oh no… no…’.  Then… I was in a dark place.  I was in my bed, staring at the ceiling.  ‘It was only a dream!’ Thank God! What a crazy dream!

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