Friday Morning

I woke up from the barks of my dogs. They were always very annoying little creatures, but I still love them very much. It was already morning, and they loved the morning, running around, playing, what a nice time to start the day. The time was not 7am yet. Gosh, I wished to sleep a little longer but I was awoke by their barks. Annoying little creatures.

I slept late last night, and this morning, I didn’t intend to wake up late to. I couldn’t do it because I needed to go to work this morning. I wished I could I go back to bed. I guess Jimmy Carr was right, the first thing we all need to do do every time we wake up in the morning is to take a nap. Maybe a short nap for me, yeah, I mean I slept the past 1am the night before. I didn’t usually sleep that late, but last night was exceptional. My friend was competing in the Semi Final at the Toastmasters Convention in Chicago. Here, thousands of miles away at home, the founder of our club subscribe to it, so members could watch it at home. And some of us did. Really proud of my friend. He had been a very good mentor to me.

So, yes, I woke up this Friday morning feeling inspired by him. Watching him at the international stage, confident and just being there inspired me. I am not sure how would I react. A morning of great inspiration. Dogs bark, they always do. It is their best self, nothing to complain though.

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