Our Common Home

Three years ago, we moved to our new house. It is a simple home but much bigger and with better environment. It has four bedrooms compared to the old wooden house with only two bedrooms.

My mother has a beautiful garden, I have my own bedroom, my father has a space for his vegetables and all other stuff and plenty of space for my four annoying dogs to run around.

Most important, it is a lovely home, filled with love and food.

While I enjoy our new home so much, I cannot help but to think that outside our concrete home, we have a bigger home with a more diverse family.

We call it earth. This earth is our common home; a home that is rich and can provide for everyone; a home that enables us to grow up and to enjoy our lives.

However, today, our home is in crisis. Our ecosystem is collapsing and nearly half of the population in the world is crying for help for a new home because they have nothing to eat, according to UNICEF.

This is the phenomena in which we call the effect of climate change.

It changed this world from a place of abundance to a place for the survival of the fittest, because climate change isn’t just an environmental issue, is a political issue, a social issue and an economic issue.

United Nation describes climate change as a threat to human security with the poor are the hardest hit. The World Food Programme said ‘Hunger is number one cause of death in the world’ and with climate change affecting greatly on agriculture, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) had reported that starvation among young children will be increased by 20 per cent in 2050.

The World Bank predicted at least 20 million people in the world will be pushed to poverty by 2030. That is 12 nears from now.

We are living in a world of great global inequality, and climate change will accelerate it.

That demands the world leaders to change their policy in governing their country or risk greater inequality.

Let me ask you something

As a family, when our brothers and our sisters in need of help, will you try to offer them help, or will you walk away?

The time is now to take action. So, what can we do? Napoleon Hill said, ‘If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way’.

When my father decided to build a house for the family, he was met with financial difficulties, I’ve never seen my dad been that stress. It was a trying times for the family, but that was the time, all of us came together as a family; despite many loans, some of us applied for personal loans and they were approved, we forked out our savings, including my mother who is not working helped financial.

Because of our efforts, the house was completed in a year. I learned that if we are united as a family, even if we give the little that we have, we can achieve our goal.

It is the same thing in answering the cry of our brothers and sisters in this common home. A little effort goes a long way. And we all know that the only way to address climate change is to save energy.

We all know how to save energy; we can do it at home. Things like use recycled papers or stop wasting our food because as Pope Francis said ‘It is like stealing from the poor’. We can also switch off the lights or electricity when not in use, turn of tap water when brushing our teeth or use our own lunch box when ordering take away. Once you do that, it will create a ripple effect. You teach your children and your friends and they teach their children and their friends.

But if you want a step further, be the ambassador to speak about this issue.

We must recognize that climate change is serious, it is urgent and it is growing. Yet things can change, but we need to work together in building our common home. Our future generation deserves much better world than we are in right now. What kind of Home do you want to leave for them?

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