Connecting To The World

Once I travelled to Rumah Michael in Julau with members from a non-profit organisation.  It was a one hour drive to Julau,  then, we took two hours boat ride to the longhouse.  We were there to see the micro hydro, built by the longhouse folks themselves for electricity supply.

All of us had our cell phone with us, but of no use because there was no service at all.  We spent a night at the longhouse and feasted that night.  The next day, after breakfast, the longhouse folks brought us to see their pepper farms.  We went through the jungle and went up and down the hills, I think it took us about 30 minutes to reach the highest hill and there, we saw vast greenery with cooling breezes.  But, we were not there for the scenery.  Everybody was taking up their phone so high.

Those digi and maxis users (telecommunication company), they just sat there.  For celcom users, we all tried our luck including me to get the connection.  About five minutes later, a colleague was already on the phone, talking to his wife.  I was still searching and maybe 10 minutes later, ‘Ding’.  One message just came through.  It was from celcom, reminding me to pay the bills.  Few minutes later, the second message came in, then few minutes later, the third message came in.  It was slow, but that was like the happiest moment.  I lost contact with the world for a day and finally I was connected again.


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