My Adventure

All of us have different likes, different opinions, different ways of doing things.  For example ‘you like sushi, I love hamburgers’, or ‘you like to travel, I like to stay at home’, ‘you like football, I like tennis’.  But I think we found a common ground on one thing.  ‘We want a life of an adventure’.  Everyone wants to have a thrill of adventure in their lives.

Then, you ask yourself.  Do I have it?  Is my life exciting.

A lot of people thought that being a reporter is a glamourous job.  Obviously, they watched too much television.  On average, most of our everyday living will probably look like this:

Wake up. Go to work.  Go home.  Dinner.  Sleep…repeat.

Wake up.  Go to work.  Go home.  Dinner. Sleep…and we repeat the same thing the next day…and the next day…and the next day…and the next day…

Basically, I am like you.  The difference is that I do not have a fixed working hour and I involved in church’s activities and other outside activities…that made life a little bit difficult.  Despite all the busyness in my life, and some dry moments of course, I learned to live to be alive.  It is not about cozen yourself into wishful thinking, but there is no greater adventure than being a human being fully alive!  To achieve what we want to achieve, to pursue our goals and learn to labour and to wait patiently.

Autumn Girl enjoying nature on the field. Beauty Girl Outdoors r

I learned that adventure is not about living with certainties, straight path, clear answers; like an engineer with probabilities.  No, it is a step into an unknown path that opens up to all possibilities.  Like a traveler who never planned his journey, but excited just to do it.  Adventure sets your spirit on fire that illuminates your life.  If you felt that you have a mundane life, or may so many frustration and disappointment, find your adventure in your everyday living because if you can’t find it in your life, you cannot find it in anywhere else.

It is also means to open yourself up to all human experience – happiness, sadness, disappointment, anger, fear, anxiety…It is only through embracing your weaknesses or problems or your fear that you are able to live up to your potential.  Because then, you begin to realise how beautiful is this world.

I learned a story about Amy Purdy.  She lost both her legs 1999 after contracting bacterial meningitis.  When she tried her new legs for the first time, it was too painful and she wondered if she could every walk again.  She was physically and emotionally broken.  Then one day, she heard something on the radio, she stood up and dance with her father.  Then she thought to herself ‘If I can dance, I can walk, if I can walk, I can snowboarding..I can live a great life’

In 2014, she competed and won a bronze medal in snowboarding in the Paralympic Games.  She won the hearts of millions of viewers when she got into the finals of dancing with the stars.

She asked herself one day: ‘If my life were a book and I am the author, how would I want the story to go?’ That question changed her life forever.

When I heard it, I took some times to reflect on it….and I realised I wanted my life to be a story that only I can tell.

I was never comfortable in meeting people, but I stepped into the unknown to become a reporter and I met many people and heard many stories.  I thought, there I know how to craft stories…this is my life now…this is what i am going to do for the rest of my life.  Then, I guess life seems to tell me otherwise…it says…no… is just the beginning.  Your true and greatest adventure has yet to come.  Then, I decided to step into the dark again, holding on to all possibilities.  For a girl who had never speak up in her life decided to walk into that door (Toastmasters) and stood in front of the audience for the first time.  I realised, my greatest adventure has just begun!


All these time, I’ve been writing the voice of other people and now for the first time I am learning to find my own voice.

So, if your life were a book and you were the author, how would you want the story to go?

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