The World Is A Love Story

The world is a love story,

All things came to existence because love came,

Not complicated nor an unresolved mystery,

There is the lover, the beloved and the love they shared.

Love is where two souls meet,

The world stopped with a spark leading to nervousness and wonder,

Two people take on the centre stage, dancing on their feet,

The first day for the rest of their lives to be remembered.

And so it begins; the start of the three-act play,

Men to be heroes, women their strength,

No more me or I, but we on each passing day,

Walking together on the road unknown ahead.

Indeed, the heart will be tested along the way,

Lost as soon as the storm came out in the dark night,

Will two souls hang on to be committed and obey?

To make sure no love run dry.

One thing is for certain,

One could never go wrong with a total gift of self,

Both dying to themselves for the other person,

A value that seems lost in this generation.

Yes, there is indeed a love so strong,

Love that surpasses every description that world gives,

That always succumbs to its limitation and are lost,

A love that promised a sure victory.

It is always a love story in every written script,

Why throw it away? let it journey on,

Let love blooms and grow,

Yours are part of the greatest story ever lived.

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