Heavenly Roses

Oh heavenly roses filled with beauty and majestic splendor,

Forever fresh, they never wilt or die,

Its fragrance never fades; it fills into our lives,

Oh! The rose of all devotion – what a priceless treasure.

They art formed, indeed by a very simple greeting,

And yet, it is the most beautiful greeting of all,

Came down from heaven that makes all evil tremble and fall,

For thy Psalter is the direct work of the Most Blessed Trinity.

And so, with Rosary in my hand, I kneel down and I say,

Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee,

To thee with earnest and devotion of this angelic salutation I greet,

I made little wreath with each decade.

O! How the court of heaven rejoices,

Angels dancing, collecting, counting each rose as they saw them coming,

How happy is the soul, how truly blessed with all the graces gained indeed,

Joining the angels with hymns of praises.

Funny, it is so different now from last time,

Still the same old beads, still praying the same way,

So much heavier then, much lighter today,

Though there is hardly a way to tame a wild mind.

For now, I know that it is a prayer brought from heaven above,

Came down to water the the garden of my soul,

O! A beautiful hymn beautifully sang rewards us a hundredfold,

Rewards that can change the world forever.

How could I refused thee now in such realization?

How could I take my eyes off to such beauty beyond compare?

My lady, such a perfection thou were made,

Indeed blessed art thou amongst women!

And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus!

Jesus! The word thou kept became word incarnate,

Became man to save us from death,

Restoring our true image and gave us life eternal.

Pray for us, my most beautiful and loving mother,

Thy children is calling, thou can lead us to God,

We fly to thee, for to seek Jesus, thy son, is our goal,

Thou art the mother of mercy and the Queen of Heaven.


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