The Sea

The ship rocked in the middle of the sea,

Where was I outside this darkness, I wondered,

The waves I heard, the wind I felt, the horizon I could not see,

Again, where was I outside this darkness, I wondered.

Under the starry night, the waves was at its best,

A calm lullaby for a peaceful sleep,

The chilling wind blew gently through the deck,

There was no danger no fear no worries.

The captain told me a story,

Going to the sea had been his living,

A living he made for years,

Not one day he ever stops praying.

He knew the danger ahead,

He had hoped he won’t live to experience it,

But one night his nightmare began,

On his dear life and hope he kept on clinging.

The rain poured and the waves were unusually strong,

On a rocking ship, he held on tight,

He pulled up his anchor ready to go,

He knew it would be tough ride.

‘I thought it was my last journey,’

He shivered with the thoughts,

‘The storm was so strong, I panicked,’

Something he had never experience before.

‘The water smashed the window, the water kept coming in.’

A scary thought he was trying to fight,

He would make it, he wouldn’t give in,

Two ships were trying to get to a safe place,

It was his longest ride ever.

But he kept his job anyways,

He had a ship and he wouldn’t trade it for others,

Be a captain every night every day,

In a ship, he is everyone’s brother.

I slept peacefully that night,

But I prayed to God in heaven,

To lead the captain under this twilight,

And for strength, for protection, for safe return.

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