Teach Me To Love

I could never describe your love for me,

For many years I had been searching,

For my life to have meaning,

And you became my very being.

How could I not known?

For a love that goes so strong,

The love forever I long,

I found that in you alone.

The breath of life you gave,

And you showed me who I am,

The sins of man you forgave,

And bring new life despite my fallen state.

Oh, how dangerous is the crime,

To ever fall into my own pride,

To have eyes but blind,

To have ears but deaf to cries.

What would become of me?

If my heart is shutting,

And there is no place for mercy,

What a shame, cause I would be nothing.

Then teach me to love,

Teach me to be humble,

Save me from my own wretchedness,

Forgive my unworthiness.

If to see you is to love others,

Help me to rise above my human weakness,

Make the passing of my every moment,

Be my answer to your call to love the unlovable.

Your love forever will stay,

Your love will I embrace,

My life will never be the same,

Everyday will be a brand new day.

By knowing you, I could love you,

My love for you grew because I understood,

You showed me love and your truth,

In you, I found my refuge.

How could I stop searching?

How could I stop loving?

With your spirit guiding,

I continue to search the depths within.

For who I am, if I am not yours?

Despite of this poor soul,

It belongs to you, that I know,

The bond you created that gave me hope.

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