Lost In The Wilderness

A man got lost in the wilderness,

Trapped in the eerie of silences,

He walked the trail that seemed to be endless,

And he himself defenseless.

Among the trees and watching prey,

There behind the leaves he laid,

Clutched his hand together he prayed,

That he would see the light of day.

The black of night soon met dawn,

The light of day again he saw,

A hope he still holding on,

Though it seemed forlorn.

A family he did not want to leave,

An action he would grieve,

But hope he still believe,

Though it might looked a little dim.

Adventure took in a wrong turn,

An experience he regretted is learned,

And now he had a greatest concern,

That one day he shall return.

The wind gushed forth,

Wishing he had a compass north,

In this wood he would walk out of,

To the arms of the one he loved.

There was a power within,

He would not easily give in,

For there was air he was still breathing

God indeed is forgiving.

Enemies told him there was no hope to spare,

He trusted in his heart he would not despair,

Despite being wear and tear,

Wondering around in this dangerous lair.

He reached a higher ground,

The sticks he picked he gathered round,

He knew he would be found,

Just then he could hear a sound.

The smoke went up in the sky,

The chopper was soaring high,

He looked up and he cried,

God be praised and he said the wilderness goodbye.