Called To Be Extra-Ordinary (Part 2: Living In Faith)

That moment changed my life.  My ordinary life began to feel different.  It began to feel meaningful and surprisingly special.  Faith made me understand that everyone is somebody; that everyone is called to be great; that God has given everyone abilities.  Putting your God-given talents to work is one of the most satisfying things you can do.  Through faith, I see the beauty of life; that I am loved.  Always.  That realization alone made me wanted to get up and dance to it.  Every moment becomes so significance when I chose to see it and to look for it.  What seems to be ordinary, suddenly they are full of life.

Faith makes us taste in advance the light of the beatific vision, the goal of our journey here below.  – Catechism of the Catholic Church.

One afternoon, I was driving to work, suddenly I thought of God.  It just crossed my mind.  I thought of all the things around me, the trees, the flowers, the people; they were indeed beautiful.  Then I thought about my life; how I was put into this earth to be part of the beauty.  That understanding made me moved to tears in my car. It taught me about the simplicity of heart.

Here is another thing about faith.  It does not change who you are.  In fact, it never tried to.  I am still the same person from the day I was born.  However, faith helps me to become a better person a little at a time everyday, but living in faith does not claim that I understand everything about life.

It made me understand something.  That lens of faith made me realize and in the end I have to face, sometimes a very harsh reality and see my mistakes, my weaknesses.  The kind of person that other people might be looking at – that selfish me.  It is hard to admit, but most of us are selfish in everything, literally everything.  Example, you see a larger piece of pizza, and you said to yourself ‘I want that’, or refusing to give way when you are driving, and many others.

To follow Jesus means to be involved, because faith is not something decorative.  It is the strength of the soul – Pope Francis

However, seeing all that weaknesses and sometimes pretty shameful, it didn’t mean to discourage us.  In fact, it is the other way round.  It helps us to become a better person.  At least, it helps me to become a better person.  It changed the way I act, it changed the way I think, it changed the way I see other people, it changed the way I view life.

As I mentioned in the first part of this article, responding to God’s love means breaking into the ordinary-ness of our life.  And so, responding to the Love enables us to live in the present.  The body was designed to handle only one day at a time and so, it actually teaches us to put our tomorrow in God’s hand and making the best time of our life just for today.

God comes admist the pots and pans, the work that we do – everything.  We’re invited to respond to him by putting our faith into practice.  He comes in what seems to be ordinary , and invites us to step into the extraordinary.  Bishop Don Hying

The problem with most of us is that we look too far ahead to the future that we forgot to live in the present.  It is not wrong to look forward to the future.  Most of us, including myself have desires, dreams, and aspirations to achieve.  I am sure that it is a gift.  God put you and me into this world to be somebody, not to be a nobody.

Living in the present taught me another valuable lesson.  When you learn to live in the present, you don’t just see the beauty of life, but the beauty of your future will unfold itself.  Sometimes we got so stuck in the daily routine that it blinded us to the beauty of creation.  That you felt that you are stuck in the daily treadmill and God is out there somewhere.  Remember that life is a gift to be celebrated not a task to be tackled.

Because you have so little faith.  Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain. ‘Move from here to there’, and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you.  Matthew 17:20

It is true that Faith has its ups and downs.  There were times that I do not feel that I have enough faith.  During those moments, loneliness, frustrations, and fear crept in.  But then, Christians say that it is not the size of our faith that makes the difference, but he size of God that we put our faith in.

It means a complete trust in God.  Difficulties, pains, and disappointments can shake our faith and cause us to close our hearts tight like a fist.  Remember also, an open heart is alive in faith.  It signals a readiness for whatever changes, surprises, and gifts God has to offer.  Give Him a chance to restore your faith.  If you have mountains in your life, some obstacles, and your dreams seem to be far away, just remember, have faith.

Are there realities which make life beautiful and of which it can be said that they bring a kind of fulfillment, an inner joy?  Yes, there are.  And one of these realities bears the name trust.  Do we realize that what is best in each of us is built up through a simple trusting? This is something even a child can do. – Brother Roger of Taize.

Life is pretty ordinary for me.  I wake up in the morning, I brush my teeth, walk my dog, take a shower, have my breakfast, go to work, come home, go to gym, dinner, checking my facebook and, sleep.  That is what my most days look like.  Pretty dull as you can see, but when I put in the lens of faith in everything I do, it is life transforming.  God is the energy that enables me to wake up in the morning, He is in everything I do, He is right there going through day to day life with me.  I realize that I am not stuck in the treadmill of life, I am in fact living the life that God wants of me.  Once you could see through it, you are just magnificent

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