The Blackout

What would a simple thing such as blackout do when it occurred at a time you didn’t expect – when everything came to a sudden halt?  I meant the whole city, not just your home.  Chaos I suppose.  It happened recently at my place.  It wasn’t just the town of Sibu, but the entire state of Sarawak was in darkness and it stretched to four to six hours.  We are talking about an entire evening without electricity.

At home; heat, mosquitoes…boringness (I believe it is a word).  My dog who used to run around in the house disturbing everybody stayed very quiet that night and rather to be left alone.  He would not budge even we tried to get him up.  Dad kept his eyes on both his legs for any mosquitoes.  The entire night was the sound of him slapping his legs.  Mom, well, typical…complaining and asking when will the power be back.

We fanned ourselves because of the heat.  Outside was much cooler and the breeze was just soothing, but plenty of hungry mosquitoes.  Dad wanted to leave the front door open so that the heat wasn’t that intense.  Thankfully, our house is a wooden house, so that helped a lot.  Dad kept reminding not to open the refrigerator and I needed to charge my phone so bad.

As for me, I tried not complain.  Us wasn’t the worst one.  We didn’t know how serious it could get.  I’ll give you some example.  A friend of mine was driving when it happened, but luckily, it wasn’t dark at that time, but the sun almost set.  This is what she told me.

“I was driving through the traffic light when suddenly the traffic light malfunctioned.  I thought it was only one traffic light, I didn’t know that the power went out throughout the state.  I was in the middle of yellow box, and all cars were coming from all directions.  I couldn’t go to my right or left, I couldn’t go forward, and couldn’t reverse either.  The next thing you heard were honking and shouting.”

I heard the town was really in chaos, there was no order, the police was patrolling around the town while they supposed to control the traffic.

Imagine another scene at the office.  You were probably working late at your working place that night and then suddenly the room went dark.  Kinda creepy though, but you have a bigger problem – you hadn’t save your work.

Think of the shop owners, those in the convenience store – they were closing their doors.  Precaution purposes.  You never know who might go inside the store, grab some stuff, and ran out.  Without CCTV, anything could happen.  I wonder what actually happened to those in the cinema or theatre.  Couples who went on their dates and families who had dinner reservations – wouldn’t it just ruin their night?.

Think of those in the hospital as well. (I’m sure they have back up power or maybe generator).  What would they do without the power.  I’m sure the hospital director could ensure everything under control.  I was told that candles at a supermarket were sold out that night.  People rushed to the supermarket to get candles.  My colleague did that.  I mean her husband did.

So…you see, apart from the fact that I needed to charge my phone, I had no good reason to complain.  I do however, missed using handphone instead of smartphone.  At least I didn’t have to worry about flat battery.  On positive notes, guess what I saw; two fireflies.  The first time in many years.  The last time I saw fireflies was…I don’t know…back in school days?  Kinda weird though to see lights flying around the trees, but it was the most beautiful thing I saw that day.  People used to collect them and put them in a bottle.  They then place the bottle in a dark room and it was just beautiful.  How awesome is God’s creation.

Then, my thinking went all the way back to the olden days.  What would the people in the olden days do without electricity?  An hour without TV and internet, I was already bored in the dark quiet room.  Tried to read, but it was too dark.  We had candlelight dinner that night.  It was quiet and… fast.  We washed the dishes in the dark.  We had candles, but still it was very dark for me.  I guess I hadn’t get use to it.  Then, I had a question.  How much energy we actually saved that night.  We always talk about Earth Hour.  Yeah, the town is responding to the world’s need to save energy.  We participated in the Earth Hour every year.  Imagine, six hours without power,  wasn’t it a good thing?


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