What A Crazy World

I want to talk about a very interesting issue here, or news.  It is so hot and so bizarre that it rocks the small town of Sibu.  It is also so interesting that it actually makes the towns people asking.  Almost everybody scratches their head ‘what the heck happened?’ then followed by all kinds of theories.  For your information, it is a murder case.  I’ve covered some homicide cases and murder cases before, but none like this one.  This one…is very bizarre and I’ll explain it to you.

Last year on Jan 3, four members in a family were brutally murdered about seven in the morning at their house.  It was a 36-year-old businessman Ling, his 76-year-old mother, and his two children aged 10, and 7.  His wife escaped unhurt and his eight year old son survived the attack.  The suspect was a 17-year-old boy, surnamed Song.

I had been following the case since it happened.  I was there when he was brought to the court to be remanded, then to be charged.  He faced four charges of murder and an attempted murder charge.  The murder charge carries death penalty, while the attempted murder charge carries a maximum 20 years’ jail term.  I was there throughout the hearing of the case at the High Court.

On Thursday, July 4, the court ruled that prima facie case had been established against Song and he chose to remain silent in his defence.  The judgment would be on Aug 19.  Ling’s sister was there to listen to court’s decision.  Now this is an interesting part or should I say, shocking part.  The day after the ruling, Ling’s sister and her two children aged 14 and 2 were murdered by her husband.  It was fortunate that their 17-year-old son managed to escape, although he would have to carry that terrifying moment in his mind forever.

According to the reports, the husband killed them by gassing them in their sleep.  The murder appeared to be premeditated as the husband had taken his family out for a hearty dinner before bringing them home and forcing them to swallow sleeping pills.

The eldest son did not take the pill and was alert enough to smell the gas.  The police are investigating the case and it had been speculated that it could be due to family problems.  I don’t know about you, but it was so bizarre to me that it reads like a fiction story.  The only missing was the ‘Why’ and ‘How’.  I had been a reporter for about four years, and most of the homicide cases, or attempted murder cases, or murder cases I covered were due to conflicts.  Two boys fighting over a girl or guys fighting over money, or maybe some other misunderstanding issues.  This case is none of the above.

Seventeen-year-old Song randomly entered a neighbour’s house and killed the family.  There was no motive, nothing.  And he left no trace.  Well…sort of.  The only strong evidence to enable him to be charged was a hammer (a killing tool) found at his house, and his own confession.  The police found the hammer because the accused told them where he kept it.  The police found the Song because a guy, who was the original suspect for the case, told the police about this weird kid (Song) living next door.  So, the police gave a shot and they hit the bullseye.  If the guy did not tell the police about this weird kid next door, there is a possibility that the police would not find Song, and the case would probably come to a dead end.

Seriously, apart from the victim’s DNA, the accused DNA wasn’t found in any of the exhibits.  Although the accused had given his own DNA sample for profiling and comparison, the results had come out negative.

And now, by a bizarre coincidence, after the ruling, the deceased Ling’s sister and her two children were murdered by his own husband.  Motive? No one knows.  I’m not sure what kind of cases in the past, but this is certainly the most interesting case I’ve ever handle so far.  And I could not help but to feel sorry for the family.  What happened was very said, and I’m sure everyone wants to have a home in which they could feel safe.  Apparently it didn’t happen to this family.

What a crazy world we lived in!


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