Village Destroyed

It looks like a War Zone, but it is not war.  We weren’t at war.  It was a disaster last Wednesday.  A fire broke out that afternoon about 4.  It was so serious that it almost destroyed the whole village.  More than 50 houses destroyed, and over 600 people lost their home.





I’ve seen a few fire before, but I think this could be the most painful moment I had.  This is a over-century old village and the fire almost wiped out the entire village.  Seeing all the people running away, rushing into the house and salvaged anything they could as the fire engulfed the houses one by one on both sides.

Yes, BOTH sides.  I was baffled when I arrived at the scene, and tried to comprehend what exactly happened.  Then some people said, the wind from the river was too strong that the fire spread across the road to continue its trail of destruction.


The road soon became impassable to the people as the heat was too intense.  It was a very chaotic scene, everybody was shouting, some people were crying, and some just stared at the fire helplessly.  Some even helped the firefighter putting out the fire.  The fire was not at its peak already when I arrived, but it wasn’t in control yet.









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