A History We Shared


What is life without memories? –  A question that may be asked by anyone, anywhere, at anytime.  A question I asked at a dinner by myself at Mcdonald.  I thought about my past, about things that made me happy or sad, about a place I grew up.  A place, I’ve always known – SK St Mary’s – a school I studied almost two decades ago, for six years.

It has been almost two decades since I left the school.  About a year ago, I went there again.  It was not a special occasion, I was just looking around, hoping to find some good stories for Sunday features for the paper I’m working with.  The place was in a process of tearing down.  I had a feeling, a feeling I could not possibly described.  It was love I supposed.

Not a lot came to my mind at that point, just me…

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