I’m stuck! This is the time where I really in dire need of inspiration/creativity/ideas; whatever you call it.  What would I do now?  I was so enthusiastic and positive  for the past months, and that was it?  I sought for it  in many places…ways to get going; to get inspired again.

I had so many ideas, so many I wanted to share, all in my head.  But I’m not writing!  I have to write, I need to…I should WRITE!  I felt obliged to update my blog.  Unfortunately, nothing came out…until TODAY.

This is not the Top 10  list or whatever inspiring list you’ll find in the internet.  No.  What led me into writing this post because I got inspired, I guess.  This post is probably one of the most important posts I’ve written because it felt like the first time again.  Hoping that someone out there might read it.

So, how I got inspired?  Here are my lists.

  1. Starting to believe.  If I could start writing my first post, then I could continue it.    The only thing that got in my way was my frustration.  Once I passed that frustration, inspiration would come.
  2. Dig it.  I looked through many resources; blogs, news, stories, anything, and even my surroundings.  Inspiration does not always come straight away, ideas would not pop up like magic, but I could do with the information I acquired.  The well is not totally dry.
  3. Tried something new.  Okay, I tried vlogging,  it came to nothing, sadly.  I thought it would be cool to get in front of the camera and talk.  I done it before, it was really fun, but then, I deleted the account.    I should not have done that. L How it helped me to get started?  Easy, I realized that there were so many things that I wanted to shared, but I could not express them orally, than in paper.
  4. Revisit my past posts..  It really amazed me how I got this far.  That alone really inspired me to go on.
  5. Do it now.  Procrastination is just an excuse.  I could say that I was very busy lately, or I went traveling, or I was sick.  Those were in fact, the truth.  But I have to admit that the TRUTH is also that I was procrastinating.  Every night, if I was not doing my work, I looked at my Facebook page, although there was absolutely nothing to see there, or I just watched videos in Youtube. The reason why I could not start again because I didn’t.  I believe attitude is very important, not just in writing but in everything we do.
  6. My goals.  Why I started this in the first place?  For fun or I want people to really read my materials and getting feedback?  I believe it is the latter.
  7. It is all about sharing.  One of the reasons I started blogging is because I wanted to share.  I am a very open person, but starting a blog is a huge deal for me.  It is as if I am coming out from my comfort zone by allowing people to read my raw materials.  But I know one thing is for sure, I’m allowing people to get to know me through my writing and stories and my photography. 

There you go, the seven things that got me started again.

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