Yoga – Better Body Shape and Health

In my previous post, I talked about my passion of getting healthier and fitter body.  How working out has become something I really needed to do at least five days a week, if not everyday.  I also talked about how weight training and nutritious drink such as protein shake, helped me to gain muscle weight and lose some of the stomach fat, which I tried to get rid of for years.  It all takes a step to become part of my life and the result – I feel stronger, happier, energetic, and younger, day after day.


The decision led to the curiosity to try new and different things.  Things that could really test the stamina and the strength of my own body.  For the first time, I could run for about 45 minutes (including 2 minutes warming up walk, 2-3 minutes walk at the middle to catch my breath, and  five minutes cooling down walk in the end).  However, I do run faster on the treadmill, and run longer time when on the road.  I thought…there, I have a pretty good stamina.  I was wrong.  Aerobic session was a real test.  And just a few weeks ago, I started attending yoga classes.  We all know that there are many styles of yoga, and typically, they combined with physical posture, breathing technique, and meditation or relaxation.


The particular yoga classes I attended focuses on posture and breathing exercises.  Because I have a very bad body posture, that is the kind of yoga I needed.  I tried to stand up straight and sit as straight as possible most of the time to improve my body posture for years.  The effort gave too much stress to some parts of my body that I stopped all together.  Yoga not only improved my body posture, it helped to shape the body I wanted.  That, in effect, boosted my confidence on how I look and mentally, I’m more alert in my work, and calmer emotionally.  It also helped to strengthen my core muscles. (all that exercises I did also contributed to my better looking body posture.)


I’m the kind of person who always love exercises that could get me pumped up and the adrenaline going.  I always thought all that slow moving and stretching exercising would be too easy for me, judging by the size of my body.  Yoga has never been my favourite, and I never see it as an exercise that I could take up one day.  Apparently, I judged too fast, and I was very wrong.  I took up the exercise, and it turned out to be another level of physical fitness.  Forty-five minutes run could never beat the power of Yoga.  It wasn’t just the grasping for air, the sweats, and the exhaustion that followed, but the result from all that.


Surely, my body was wrecked on the first day.  The flexibility still wasn’t at the satisfying level.  However, the result was incredible.  Just like most people, my life consists of people, listening, traveling, the noise, etc.  You’d never get time for yourself.  Here, all the participants were referred as students.  And we were told to put all the anxiety, the stress, and the worries outside the class.  There was nothing but your whole being.  I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I LOVE YOGA.


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