New Year Fireworks

Happy new year everybody!  I have not made up my mind on my New Year resolution yet.  So, I decided that best days are ahead of me.  Year 2012 had been a rollercoaster ride for me.  However, it was a great year filled with ups and downs.  In addition, it was a year I started this blog.  Amazing!! One year!

Anways, what is New Year without the fireworks, huh? I was called to work on Dec 31, 2012 for the 2013 countdown at Sibu Gateway.  The first countdown event I covered.  This also means the first fireworks display I ever photographed.






It’s new year and everybody’s having fun!

Hope you enjoy these photos.  This is a work of an amateur photographer; I took a lot of photos that night, only a few can be used.  I’ve pick the best ones.  Compared to the fireworks display in other countries, this one might not show any creativity.  But, what the people in this small town cared about was the celebration, and the fireworks was part of it.  The highlight of the whole event.  Hope you  like it.


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