House of Bread (Bethlehem)

Today in the town of David, a Saviour has been born to you, he is Christ the Lord.

A few weeks before Christmas, the community of St Mary’s Of the Divine Mercy Church, in Sibu erected this ‘A little town of Bethlehem’ inside the church.  The parish priest gave this idea to tell the story of Bethlehem to the parishioners of St Mary’s.  That this story isn’t just a story, but a historical event.  What really happened on that first Christmas is very true.

2012-12-23 09.08.22

To enable the people to understand this, all these settings must come alive in front of everyone’s eyes.  And so the backdrop is the town of Bethlehem, with the hills, the water and the architectures.

2012-12-25 09.20.56

2012-12-25 10.18.32

2012-12-25 10.17.55

2012-12-25 10.18.56

These statues won’t stay at the same position all the time.  They were moved constantly to show the ‘activities’ as Christmas day is approaching.  These statues were moved closer to the manger, a place where Jesus was born on Dec 25.

2012-12-25 10.20.08



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