O’ Christmas Tree…O’ Christmas Tree

Every year, in the month of December, the Sibu Municipal Council (SMC)  puts up a special Christmas trees decoration contest for the public to participate.  That contest, as the council put it, not the effort of the council, but the effort from this beautiful community to the community of Sibu town.  It turns out to be one of the most anticipating events of the year.


Christmas trees today are distinctively featured at Sibu Townsquare Phase One every December.  They are display until Dec 31 of every year.  Every year, different organisations take turns to take part in this meaningful event.  Year 2012 it is filled with entries from 14 schools as participation is limited to secondary schools.  It does seems that the schools really show a lot of creativity through their Christmas trees.

‘Shalom’ by Chung Hua Secondary School. The team punched hundreds of holes on the aluminium sheet.

There is a tree set up by Chung Hua Secondary School with the theme ‘Shalom’ – a Hebrew word which means ‘peace’.  Their Christmas tree is made from aluminium sheets and adorned with lights.  Catholic High School used clear holder files to set up its Christmas tree.  They named it ‘Seat of Wisdom’ to tell the world that all knowledge comes from God.


Then, St Elizabeth schools, used 150 different text books, with their theme ‘Education is Hope’.  One of the rules for the contest, is that all participating team must use recyclable items as their decorative items.  Because, apart from keeping the Christmas spirit alive in this small town, the council also wanted to promote and create more awareness on conservation and love the mother earth.  These are what I think some of the best and creative Christmas trees.

‘Seat of Widsom’ by Catholic High School
‘Seat of Wisdom’ view from below
Files are important tool for storing documents and information
Christmas tree from recycle discs


The snow man made by plastic cups
Christmas tree by Sacred Heart Secondary School. It is made of empty water bottles
A girl looking up at the Christmas tree set up by Wong Nai Siong Secondary School


Four girls from The Philippines who called themselves Twinkle Twinkle Little Star taking pictures at a Christmas tree by Tung Hua Secondary School.
The Christmas tree set up by St Elizabeth Secondary school.

Thanks for checking out my blog.  I hope you enjoy this post and Comment if you have anything to say.  Thank You.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


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