Sponsor A Book, Leave A Mark

Alright, I never done this thing, but I’m super excited and super scared too.  Okay…seriously.  I have no ideas how it goes, but I really hope and pray that I could reach out to as many people as possible.  I know that there are MANY…generous people out there that would help.  I really hope that you guys could help out in this small project called ‘Sponsor A Book, Leave A Mark’.

‘Sponsor A Book, Leave A Mark’ is an on-going activity to provide books for the school children of SK St Mary’s.

SK St Mary’s is one of the Catholic Mission Schools in my town, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.  It is also the school I went and I had six years education there (1993-1998).  Founded by a Catholic missionary Father Adrian de Vos in 1954, the school was the oldest English stream school in Sibu Division.  The wooden school was built on stilts and consisted of only six classrooms (primary one to six).  The wooden canteen was at one end of the building, and the toilet behind the academic block.

Old building

For 58 years, this school could be the only school in the country ‘floating’ on a fish pond.  On June 11, this year, the school reached a new milestone – she moved to a new concrete building just behind the old wooden building.  The recently completed RM3 million re-development school project was the brainchild of the late Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew (our former deputy transport minister and Sibu MP).

The new building has 28 rooms, including 12 classrooms, a science lab, a computer room, an information centre, a headmistress office, a teachers’ office, a canteen, a dentist clinic and a bilik agama (religious room).

THIS IS REALLY GOOD NEWS, but although it has a new building, the school has no extra funding.    Being a Catholic Mission School, the fund from the government is not much.  So, the school depend highly on the School Board on the development project, and some contribution from the Parent Teacher Association and charities outside.  Thus, little tight with money, the headmistress decided to spare as much things as possible until the school had enough fund for new furniture.

Apart from new desks — thanks to contributions from the school’s management board — most things are old albeit still usable.

The library

The new library, for example, is the size of about two classrooms but with only old shelves, books, probably more than 10 years old, and no desks, it looks vastly under utilised.

This is what I want you guys to help out.  ‘Sponsor A Book, Leave A Mark’ is initiated by the SK St Mary’s alumni to fill up all the vacant shelves at the school library.  The project is simple.  We want books.  If you have used books…which you don’t want it anymore and do not know who to give… WE WANT IT! And the school hopes you can donate those used books and be part of the project.  When you do, if you want, you can write your name, where you come from, and write a message to the kids or the schools or anything inside the books you wanted to give to the school. (that is why we called it Sponsor A Book, Leave A Mark).

The primary one to primary six children are between 7 to 12 years old.  So we need books that they can read.  Story books, science books, geography…anything…as long as the books are either in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

Every book you give would be given to the school and it’ll make all the difference.  When I first told the headmistress about the project, she was very excited, and the only people that can make that a reality is YOU.  So, help us to make this a reality.  Be part of the ‘Sponsor A Book, Leave A Mark’ project.  Just one book, you make it happen.

Those interested to help out, please email stmarysibu.alumni@gmail.com Then, we will see how you can send the books to us and we can thank you personally for your contribution.  Thank You very much.  We are looking forward to receive emails soon.  And also, please share this with your friends and family too.  All it takes is just one book.

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