10km Run photography

Wow, almost a month since my last post.  Alright I am going to be honest with you, I was procrastinating and I have nothing else to say.  Ok, I was pretty busy for the past few weeks (it’s true), but I can’t seem to remember what was I so busy about.  Mostly work, so… every time I came home from work,  I tend to take a time off for an hour or two before starting writing my blog.  Apparently, an hour or two became four hours, five hours, and by the time I wanted to start writing, I was sleepy, so I went straight to bed and decided to do it the next day, but the same thing happened.

But, anyways, I am here…finally.  I decided to do another pictorial this time, since I’ve already got the pictures ready.  So…to the business…On Aug 25, I was assigned to cover a running event ‘The Borneo Post Run’.  The run was organised by the company I worked with, so it was quite a big event for us.  As you know, Aug 25 was Saturday, and Saturday is my day off.  I was called back to work, and was assigned to this running event.  My chief needed someone to take photographs, because the photographer was on leave.  He had no choice but to ask me back.

I wasn’t excited about getting to work on my day off, and to think of getting up early, just … not fun.  However, it was an honour come to think of it.  I am not a professional photographer and yet he entrusted me with this assignment.  I started holding my camera and learned taking pictures in 2010 and I have lots of things to learn.

With the faith given to me, I did not want to let him down.  And it was my company’s event, there was little bit of pressure there.  I did my best, and hopefully I did a good job taking photographs.  The Borneo Post Run was my first running event photography.  I must say, it was really a challenge, especially when there was no spectator.  Which means, my pictures could be a bit dull…I think… I don’t know. 🙂

It was a great experience though, I took from the starting point, then I drove to the first check point (drinks were given to the runners), then came down to the second check point, then to the finish line.  Because there was no spectator, I was free to move around, but I had to be at the check point first…or else the police traffic would stop me…and there goes my pictures.

I did not manage to take photographs of runners at the finish line, because I was too busy at the two check points.  I spent longer time at the second check point.  I decided to leave when most of them started walking already.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy some of my favourites.  Yeah, they are amateur pictures, but it was a great experience for me.  I came home sweaty, but it was worth it.

Tell me what you think…comment below.


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