Soldiers of Fortune

My brother came home for a holiday about a month ago.  We were talking in my bed one night…can’t remember what we were talking about.  He was about to go out when he found a plastic full of toys.  HIS TOYS!!! He took them out and I, who was extremely curious at that time, looked at it and I was surprised.  The toys are like… 20 years ago?… and Mom still keep all this stuff??

Most people would just throw away this ‘junk’.  Even I would think them as junks too.  But apparently, mom did not see it that way.  She kept them because she knew how valuable they would be when time passed.  And they are.  Although no one in the house would ever play this again, they would serve as ornaments one day.  There are many already missing though.

My instant reaction was ‘I gotta capture this’.  This could be a cool and fun ‘toys photography’.  Haha.  So, I grabbed my phone and took all of these.  I decided to use my phone because it is convenient as I placed the toys on the floor.  At first, I took them with the lights on.  But I wasn’t satisfied with the pictures because of the useless background.   There were clothes, baskets, cupboards…stuff I don’t want to include in the picture.  Then, my brother turned off the lights.  At first, I did not know what he was doing until he took out his flashlights.  And there you go..PROBLEM SOLVED!!! All unwanted background gone.  Why didn’t I think of that?!?

So, there we were.  I was holding my phone and he was holding his flashlights.  Together, we made this ‘photography’ works.  He moved his flashlights around, while I tried to find the right angle through my phone screen.  When I found that perfect setting, perfect lighting, perfect angle…I told him to hold and I captured them.  Yeah, we did arranged it to make it look like a battlefield.  And I must say, I was impressed.  The process took us between 15-20 minutes.

We took quite a few photos, there were good ones and bad ones.  These are my favourites I captured.  I’m not afraid to admit.  I used to play with them as a kid.  And arranging them on the floor again after all these years, I feel like a kid again.  Yes, there are other toys such as power rangers, transformers…etc.  My brother was assembling them.  But, I was fascinated with this.


2 thoughts on “Soldiers of Fortune

  1. wa..very nice!!..never thought we used to play with those toys when we were kids..and never thought mum still keep it!! and great photography!!!! 😀

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