People’s Festival (Fun)

Last Saturday, I went to a place called Durin (about one hour drive from the town) to watch the Pesta Rakyat Durin (Durin People’s Festival).  It was a hot day, but totally worth it.  The people were so warm, so loving.  It was fun, though I only managed to stay for a short time during day time.  I was there at about 10.30am and left the place around 1pm.

It was quite a big event for a small place such as Durin.  Many people turned up from the nearby longhouses and some from Sibu town as well.  I did not expect such a big crowd.  I only been there for a few hours and I know why people thronged Durin Bazaar.  It was FUN!! Fun to watch, fun to play, and most importantly, for me, fun to take pictures. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Waiting for the game

No, it’s not a mud run.  They were trying to catch a pig.

Waiting for the next event, having fun at the Rejang River (the longest river in Malaysia)

Beauty Pageant Night

Miss Durin (seated centre)

I only have one regret.  I missed the fun on the second day.  Most of the events and games were postponed to the next day.  I was unable to attend.  Well, there is always next year.


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