Skies in June

Month of June has been very special.  First, it was my birthday month, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! My sister bought me a pair of glasses.  It was cool, I needed a new glasses so badly.  I didn’t get to celebrate with my family though, because dad was away..working.  Totally understandable.  It was cool for me anyways.  One of my colleagues surprised me with a birthday cake at the office.  One of them also brought me to one of the finest restaurants for celebration. YEAH!! Didn’t expect that.

Then, there was Fathers’ Day.  Unfortunately, dad had an outstation assignment on Fathers’ Day.  Click Dear Father to view my first poem to Dad.  Then there was a trip back to nature, what a great trip, took some great pictures.  Click here to see the post.

There was the 4th National Early Childhood Intervention Conference (NECIC).  I got to meet people with inspiring stories, wrote news and articles about children with special needs for the whole conference week.  Shed some tears to see their bravery and determination.  Learning about life through them.

This month of June, I particularly looked at the sky.  Why? I don’t know.  I just did.  I realized that the skies really are beautiful.  I took all these pictures using my phone.  So please excuse me for the bad quality photos.

Took this on June 8 at about 6.30pm.  I was heading for a forum and was stuck in traffic.  Just when I was about to lose my patience, I saw this rainbow.

This picture was taken on June 12 at about 10am.  I was in my friend’s car when I saw this.  The sky doesn’t look like this, so don’t be fooled by it.  Haha…This is the effect from the tinted windshield.

Took this on June 14, at 10.30am.  This is the reason why I love watching the clouds when I was kid.

This was taken on June 15 at 6.53am.  The sun was shining through my bedroom window.  I looked outside and it was so beautiful.  I had to take some photos of it.  My favourite so far, but unfortunately, my camera phone could not capture that beauty and no matter how I edit it, I still couldn’t do it. However, it does look nice in my phone.

June 19, 6.23pm.  On my way home from work.

June 21, 4.30pm.  Arrived at the office parking space when I saw this.

There you have it.  My last post for June.  I think it’s a good way to close the month.  It was a great month.  Looking forward to July.  I’m sure lots of things coming up in July.  Stay tuned for more post next week.

So, since June is my birthday month. Happy birthday to me!


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