Mother’s Beautiful Heart

My mom’s heart is like a million beautiful flowers.  So breathtaking and warm in all seasons.  Each look tempted many to steal it.  But mom’s heart is strong.  She will always stands her ground for her family.  It is strong also that no obstacle could crush her.

Her heart is not made of steel.  It is soft and fragile too when her kids hurt her.  But it heals fast with a single touch of love.  Her garden of love brings warmth to the family, that transformed a house into a home.

From her heart to my heart, she taught me patience and be happy always.  When I was young, she nurtured me with her love.  Now, as a grown up, she let me choose my own road, but she is always watchful, making sure that I won’t go astray.

Mom is very camera shy but she is a great gardener.  She grows many flowers around the house.  A picture worth a thousand words, so I include some of the flowers she planted and grows.

A Yellow Rose
Jasmine I believe…haha
Pink Rose..or is it purple?
Pink Rose

White Rose
Not sure what’s the name of this orchid…
Some kind of cactus i guess…


I am not perfect, but mom showed me that I am capable of love, to love and to be loved.  Thank you mother for your love, care, and service.  I Love You.  And to all mothers out there.  HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY.


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