Ganzi troupe performance

The company that I work with just celebrated 50th Anniversary.  To mark the special event, the management team organised a series of activities.  One of the activities was a troupe performance from Sichuan Province.

They performed one night in Kuching and two nights in Sibu.  And I got the opportunity to be on duty on one of the nights of their performances in Sibu.  I must say, it was a great show and worth watching.

The host addressing the audience
It’s still fascinated me, how they could play the ‘er hu’ and dance around, jumping around.  Or they weren’t playing at all.

I actually like this shot, but unfortunately, I was still testing the setting of my camera. (I’m still learning, by the way).

One for the album.

I’m not really into Chinese songs, especially traditional songs, but the songs were quite good.

A staff from See Hua Group touching the face of the ‘Bien Lien’ (changing face).  Too bad I didn’t capture the mask.  There was the ’50 years’ written on it.

See how it changed. Or can you?

I was caught by surprise.  I didn’t know he was going to do that.

Wushu performance

View from upstairs.

I’m always interested in the cultural stuff.  Especially cultural performances.  There are so many things to learn in those performances.  Sibu is a town so rich in culture and it is such a privilege to watch one of the best performances from China.


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