Outwitting The Devil

I recently read a book titled ‘Outwitting The Devil’ by Napoleon Hill, which I bought probably, about two months ago, but I could not find the time to read it until recently.

I was busy for the past few weeks between…well…work and with no other particular reasons; I forgot that I have this book in my possession.

‘Outwitting The Devil’ was written in 1938, with a manual typewriter, but was kept hidden for 72 years because they were frightened by the response it would invoke.

Looking at the uncertain economic and spiritual time, the publisher decided to publish it, with the intention to provide answers during these trying times.

‘Outwitting The Devil’ is a book that contains the secret to freedom and success, based on an unusual conversation between Hill and the Devil.

Whether or not the conversation had ever taken place,  it is up to the readers to decide.  However, with his unique style of writing, it will certainly create an impact in the readers’ life.  A realisation of something and the will to find your ‘other self’.

The ‘other self’ who is guided by faith, who knows no limitations, has no fears, and recognises no such word as ‘impossible’.

It is without a doubt in my opinion, an eye-opening book asking us whether we would rather be guided by faith or will we allow fear to overtake us.

The road to success is without fear, but with faith.

In a strange interview, several things were discussed.  These include school, purpose, fear, self-discipline, adversity, and religion.

Most importantly, this book reveals the Devil’s secret that prevented so many people from success and how people could outwit the devil, through their ‘other self’.

I read quite a number of motivation and self-help books in my reading collection and ‘Outwitting The Devil’ has become one of my favourites.

Most self-help books I read, they tell the readers what to do in creating a successfully path, ‘Outwitting The Devil’ makes me realized who I am and what I can do – all summed up with one word ‘Trust’.

Right now, the world is struggling with economic crisis; and especially during these trying times, come an opportunity to create the path towards success – a better road to find the seed of greater benefit and move on to greater successes.

Failure is also a blessing in disguise because ‘there is a solution for every legitimate problem, no matter how difficult the problem may seem.’

Here, I would like to share some of the features in the book.

The Devil disclosed that he controls 98 percent of the people in the world through one of his cleverest devices for mind control, which is fear.

I plant the seed of fear in the minds of people, and as these seeds germinate and grow, through use, I control the space they occupy.  The six most effective fears are the fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love, old age, and death.  – The Devil

One of the greatest weapons over human beings that the Devil ensnares the greatest number of people is the habit of drifting.

Human can be divided into two – the drifter and the non-drifter.

A drifter is one who permits himself to be influenced and controlled by circumstances outside of his own mind, while the non-drifter has a mind of his own and uses it for all purposes.

Typical drifter (some of it):

  • Lack of a major purpose in life.
  • Lack of self-confidence.
  • Never accomplish anything requiring thought and effort.
  • Spends all he earns and more too, if he can get credit.
  • Have little or no imagination
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Have opinions on everything but accurate knowledge of nothing.
  • And the list goes on.

The non-drifter (some of it):

  • Has a major goal in life.
  • Extends many favours to others, but accepts favours sparingly or not at all.
  • If he does not know the answers, he will say so frankly.
  • He is an inspiration to all who come into contact with his mind.

The habit of drifting can be broken if the victim has enough will power.  Whatever the negative sides, such as fear, anger, procrastination and jealousy, exist in human minds, they are only tools of the devil to make human fall into his web.

In ending of the book, Hill discusses the seven principles to outwit the devil in your life through spiritual, mental, and physical freedom.

They are:

  • Definiteness of purpose
  • Mastery over self
  • Learning from adversity
  • Controlling environmental influence
  • Time
  • Harmony
  • Caution

‘Outwitting The Devil’ is not an average book for entrepreneurs.  It is certainly not a book about writing a business plan, but develops and trains oneself to take the steps that are necessary for success.

This book is for everyone.


7 thoughts on “Outwitting The Devil

    1. Hey there…thank you for liking the post. This is actually my first Napoleon Hill’s book i’ve ever read. After reading ‘Outwitting The Devil’, immediately I’m thinking of getting the ‘Think and Grow Rich’ book. Such an inspiring book.

  1. but do you really believe it was kept away for all those years? i’m likely to think that was just a gimmick to make it sound secretive. also because how many self help books were written that far back? i doubt many or any at all. and in this flood of self help books in this decade, you need something to stand out. i’m not at all a fan of self help books. i think most of them are garbage and prey on the lost and desperate who are willing to try anything. i would love for someone to take a dozen of the most popular ones and compare and contrast them.

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