Creative Entrepreneur

Sibu, Sarawak is a business town.  With the majority of the population consists of Chinese people, mainly Foochow, the town is filled with business minded people.  Their fighting spirit and the never give up attitude can be traced back in a long history.  But, I will not get into the detail of it here.

I am going to show some pictures that I took about a year ago.  I met a young man named Tommy Lee and he is only 28-years-old.

Despite below 30, he is now his own boss.  He is in charge of one of his family’s saw timber industries.

Tommy loves business and competition.  He always find ways and opportunity to venture into different businesses.

So apart from the family business, he ‘set up’ his own businesses namely the rabbit business, charcoal-making business, organic fertilizer and banana plantation.

You might think that this is too much to take for a young man like him, nope, you are wrong…because everything is inter-related.

His task was to manage one of the family business, that was it.  He could stop there.  But he didn’t.

For him, everything in the factory is money.

Using his self-made organic fertilizer, Tommy Lee is able to produce banana trees, which is about two-storey high.

Charcoal business is profitable these days.

Workers lining up the charcoals

Making organic fertilizer

Tommy Lee at his factory


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