Accepting my cross

I was sitting in my car one morning and i saw the shadow of my car rosary was reflecting on my arms.

I was raised a Catholic and during Good Friday, just like other Catholics, I observed the day as the day of fasting, abstinence, and penance.

There would be no entertainment at home.  Just ourselves and the silence and the time to reflect on our sinfulness and with a hope of miracle that I could change.

But, all these years, nothing has changed.  I was the same person yesterday and today, I am still that same person.

Today, as I joined other Catholics throughout the world to commemorate the death and passion of Christ, I was hoping to become a changed person, once more.

It is a normal practice for Catholics to venerate the cross to honour the great sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, during Good Friday.

We do this either through bowing, touching or even kissing the cross to pay our highest honour to the Lord’s cross at the instrument of our salvation.

All these years, that was the only thing I know about Good Friday. (I know, my knowledge about my religion is pretty shallow).

Today, I learned that the veneration of the cross isn’t just about that, it is about us, it is learning to embrace our cross in life.

A few hours ago, I was at the Good Friday service at my church.  During the homily, the parish priest said ‘The cross that we venerate, is the glorious cross’.

Too often, we never really understand the true love of God, the cross is the symbol of victory that all of us had been saved from eternal damnation.

Today, I learned that Good Friday reminds us of the outcome of the cross.  Suffering brings about transformation when we carry the cross like true disciples of Jesus.

The priest told us ‘Only when you learn to embrace and accept the cross of your life, you would find happiness’.

Without a doubt, everyone has a cross to carry.  But what is that cross? Probably stress, worries, parents, spouses, anything.

My life has changed pretty drastic for the past few months.  I was very impatient and I was very frustrated with almost everything in my life.

Is that my cross? It could be.

I didn’t want to accept all of that, so i started to complained this and that.

I want to change, so does that means I have to accept my cross in my life? No.

But do I want to? YES.

Jesus tells us that our cross will always lead to the transformation of our lives, and I believe that.  I really do, but nobody promised it is going to be easy.

However, there the only way to make it easy to carry the cross with patience, love, and joy and unites it to the cross of Jesus, only then, I could experience the new life in Jesus.


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